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Rose Flower Meanings By Their Color

There are not many flowers that are said to be as important as the proud rose. As a ” flower of love ” she is a welcome guest on weddings and also on February 14, the Wahlnahezu falls automatically on the rose. For both the giver and the recipient, the rose is a manifestation of intimate feelings and connectedness. The rose speaks just as well without words what our heart feels in the deepest interior. But beware, depending on the rose, the meaning may differ a little bit. With the wrong rose color you can quickly miss it . Behind every color of the rose hides another meaning, which should absolutely be considered.

If the color of the rose says something about sensations

Fortunately, most rose colors are a revelation of intimate connection, albeit in different stages. But under the love-promising rose colors have also a few special cases mixed with ambiguous meaning, which are to be enjoyed with reserve. White also stands for the rose for innocence , purity and a deep yearning. But a white rose symbolizes at the same time restraint – feeling is not completely revealed. Unfortunately, for this reason, the white rose is often perceived only as a platonic connection. A pink rose, on the other hand, conveys rather serious intentions, accompanied by a touch of eroticism. The pink rose is a revelationthe young love on hope for feeling and it symbolizes at the same time youthful beauty. Sometimes one or the other is overwhelmed by love at first sight. Who feels this feeling of desire, expresses this best with a rose in purple. If both lovers in the heart are sure to belong together, then this is the right moment for the red rose. A red rose is associated with heartfelt love. A red rose is given only if you truly love .

Also luck, friendship and satisfaction can be expressed with certain rose colors

Who hands over roses, does not necessarily want to express love. There are also rose colors with different meaning . Anyone who presents orange roses to his partner wants to express that he is happy in the relationship. Roses in the color apricot have a similar meaning – they symbolize a relationship full of well-being and satisfaction. If you want to put your partner under the spell of your own happiness and endless happiness, then a pink rose should be chosen. Likewise with coral roses, emotions need not always be involved. Lust and desire are expressed in this hue. Totally devoid of love is the peach-colored rose, It stands for sympathy but also appreciation and thanks. The rose color with the most probably most unfavorable statement is the rose in the color yellow. She stands for the Rose for lost passion and an unsatisfactory partnership, although it is also on reconciliation. A rose usually comes from the heart, but for the message the rose color is decisive.

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