Garden Improvements That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

All too often, homeowners spend a ton of money and time renovating parts of their house in hopes that it will increase the value. It turns that while they may enjoy the new spa or the expensive, imported tiles they do little except drain your pocket. Among the numerous home sprucing up the garden is one of the most effective because yard space and curb appeal are huge selling points. As you reinvigorate your garden, keep in mind these quick and easy projects.

Garden Improvements

Diy Concrete Patio

Nothing is more of a deterrence than an unkempt yard. Overgrown shrubbery, weeds and debris will do nothing to help sell your house. A neat, well-maintained landscape drastically increases curb appeal and gives potential buyers the impression that the interior is also well-kept. Go around the entire house and make sure you clear all walkways and repave them if necessary, trim trees and bushes, and throw out any trash and junk that may be cluttering the garden.

Smarten Boundaries

What you do with the space depends greatly on the neighborhood and size of your yard. For example, a car port or stone pavement may be more desirable if there is minimal parking. For many gardens, a relaxing seating area is a must.

Replace Old Fixtures

Throw out old and broken downspouts and gutters. Although pricier, copper systems add a touch of quality and interest. Also, you should replace anything else that looks dingy and outdated such as railings, doorknobs and patio furniture.

Pleached Trees

Restore your garden beds by pruning growth, pulling weeds, planting new flowers and adding new mulch. If stone or bricks border the bed, make sure they are neatly arranged and replaced if soiled or deteriorating.

Light It Up

Strategically placed lighting makes the house and garden more appealing, and it can add safety and security. Spotlights can showcase trees, flowers and other garden features. illuminate the house, making entryways more visible and can scare off unwanted visitors.

Green Garden

Today, a house that is environmentally conscious and budget friendly is very important. Consider using green products and energy-saving tactics whenever possible. For example, use solar-powered lights to line the walkway. If you have a water feature, make sure it uses recycled water. Food gardens are also a bonus.

Keep it Consistent

Flower arrangements, shrubbery and outdoor artwork should complement the style of your house. If the home is more modern, choose foliage like hosts and coleus and avoid cottage-like flower arrangements. If the home is more traditional, then extravagant flowers work, as well as the addition of window boxes and an arbor or fence panel would fit perfectly.

Garden Landscaping

Creating a new planting bed will immediately freshen up the home. Choose pieces that frame the house nicely and colors that add a nice contrast, but are still consistent with the style. Make sure you mix up the sizes, color, height and texture of plants.

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