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For several weeks now I have been thoroughly enjoying the gardening linky that mammasaurus has been regularly posting. Pair that with what I can only admit is my newest hobby, gardening, I have been itching to show the ever increasing progress in our front garden. So I have literally just hopped out of the front door on this grey London day to try and capture a vague idea of the promising buds that are all over our front garden. Everyone else on the street seems to have already hit full bloom, but not us yet.The anticipation is killing me but I am very excited as all the signs are there that the front garden will be full of colour soon.As I hope you can see, I have been trying to nurture a wild-ish country garden in my little piece of South East London.  I am basically happy to look after anything that grows and looks pretty, no colour scheme or planting plan.  A few things I have planted, a few things have bedded themselves in and some things keep coming back despite me removing them.(I’m talking to you Bindweed and Herb Robert)

Having said that, the beds are filling in with lush foliage in a range of tones and shades of glossy green.I am so unbelievably chuffed about the foxglove which I can only assume has grown from some wild seeds I sprinkled last year.  There is no other pink in the garden and as it has been the first thing since the daffodils to raise it’s head, its beautiful colour and stature fills me with joy.The most anticipated arrivals are the peony, and the scent from the lavender and rose.  I had forgotten about the peony as I planted it last winter and it curled up and died.  Little did I know this is what Peonies do, but even though it is back, I think it will be at least another year until it blooms.  We will have moved by then, so maybe one day I’ll have to come back and see what it looks like.The buds are all ready to burst on the rose, they just need some more sunshine, I’m awaiting a beautiful big yellow bloom.  It’s still a small plant I bought for Nye last year called Keep Smiling from Peter Beales so there’s many years for it to reach its peak.  And then of course there is my wonderful lavender which really is going a little wild this year.  The speed at which is grows is quite astonishing, but oh I cannot wait for the heavenly scent as I brush past it on the way to the front door with the shopping bags.

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