How To Hybridize New Rose From Two Existing Types

Since a rose can self-pollinate with its female (the stamp) as well as masculine parts (the pollen sacks), when crossing a rose can occur as a father plant and a rose plant as a mother plant. In order to use the seeds of the parent plant, a careful removal of the pollen sacks with a sharp object must be done. The storage then takes place for one to two days in an airtight container. The pollen sacs also have to give way to the mother plant in order to prevent self-pollination. The pollen is now applied with a brush, preferably in the early morning, on the stamp of the newly opened flower of the mother plant, In order for the crossing process to be successful, avoid contact with other pollens. For this reason, choose a flower that has just been opened. For about three days, it is recommended to wrap the pollen-pollinated rose flower using aluminum foil or a plastic bag. Thus, an unwanted cross-pollination can be excluded.

Spiritual Awakening

The rosehip will now mature in the following months and from this can then grow a new variety of roses. A successful dusting is very easy to notice on the sepals of the rosehip, namely, when they stretch upwards. Until the rosehip is harvested with the new genome , the rosehip should have already survived some cold. After the harvest in the cold season, the rosehip is gutted and placed in water for a few days. For effective germination it is necessary to plant the seeds in seed soilas well as providing enough water. Contrary to what you might expect, cold temperatures around five degrees are especially good for the process of germination. Of the rose plants that will sprout in the next 4 to 6 weeks, only some will come through, but with every rose that survives, a new variety of roses will be the result.

What Are Rose Hips

The flower of love – and everyone knows which flower is mentioned, but the rose plant is still known for much more. Since the rose plant is also awarded healing powers, it is also already for millennia, z. As in China, Persia and Greece, appreciated as a medicinal plant. In 2013, the pink flowering Damask rose was even awarded the title of ” Medicinal Plant of the Year “. The Damascus Rose thus extends the list of previous winners such as Mullein (1999), Thyme (2001), Common Yarrow (2004) and Sage (2003). Use Of course, other rose varieties have healing effects.

Uses Of Rose Plant

Already under Charlemagne, the rose was due to its healing effect in every medicinal plant garden in his kingdom. In addition to a calming effect of the rose plant is also promised wound healing and anti-inflammatory. The rose plant was and is mainly used for inflammation of the oral and pharyngeal mucous membranes. This good effect on mucous membranes is also used in today’s gynecological women in vaginal infections. Similarly, the rose plant can be applied externally to eczema, burns and wounds, Even with insect bites, a mitigating effect can be seen, especially through the juice of fresh rose petals. Just rub some fresh rose petals in your hand. And also with digestive problems and swollen and irritated eyes can support a rose plant.

Rose Application

Behind the positive effects of the rose is not only the rose oil, but also a variety of other ingredients, such as eugenol, geniol, nerol and polyethylene alcohol . Also if the rose plant hundreds or even thousands of years ago as in the present time among the medicinal plants counted

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