New Fall Planted Bulbs To Bloom In Spring

Flowers To Plant In Spring

It’s cold and windy, rains on and off and then occasionally there’s a bit of a sunshine reprieve. When the clouds parted this week I made a concerted effort to get planting bulbs for Spring. I have been planting them in dribs and drabs since I got them, but as January inches closer to February I know that it will soon be too late. I brought one plant pot with us in the move and the daffodils have already started shooting up. I feel so excited to see them again, a bit like they are old friends that have stayed the course.  I’ve planted a lot of stuff in there over the years so I’ll be interested to see if anything new emerges. Last year I only planted daffodils but this year I’ve gone all out, with allium’s, a black hyacinth and a few different types of tulips in the bed leading up to the house.  Then in the back garden, Neil and Nye threw some snake head fritillary’s and grape hyacinths around to create a kind of natural look at the back of the pond.  The idea is that you scatter them around then plant them where they land.  As I was doing some cutting back on the bed there over the weekend I could already see some starting to shoot up.  It’s nice to think their arrangement will be a bit of a surprise especially as it is our first spring here.

Then back in the vegetable garden my onions and garlic are pulling up strong. Every bulb I planted has grown, and none have been attacked by birds or mice (not yet anyway). Next I will be starting my potato’s off in the green house. I had planned to plant them in one of my vegetable beds but I’ve been reading up on planting them in a bucket and I must admit I find that quite a tempting idea, especially as I already have a few spare trugs lying around. I’ve also bought a few new plants to fill in the front garden bed which is currently barren apart from those bulbs hidden under the surface.  It was full of marigolds and cleome’s when we moved in, which have since passed and I much prefer perennials.  I’ve gone for two different hellebores (Christmas Carol and Harvington Double White Speckled) and a Viburnum tinus. I have plans to sow some lavender to create a wave of scent as you walk up to the house, like in our old house. I bought the last lot in a pot so I have absolutely no idea how long it will take to be substantial from seed. I love lavender though so it will be well worth it.  Then just this week I found some leftover pink foxglove seeds that I was kindly given last year so I shall be sowing them as soon as I manage to get my hands on some compost.

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